One of the oldest cities in the world  Home to the Olympic Games, Plato, and Democracy An interesting case study of architectural styles, including Greco-Roman, Neoclassical, and modern One day is all you need to hit the high points August 15th is the Day of Assumption aka Panagia aka “Easter of the Summer”: a religious... Continue Reading →


Greece’s largest island Four main regions: Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno, Paleochora The birthplace of Zeus Produces some of the best olive oil in the world Heraklion We left Santorini via the Hellenic Sea Cruise ferry, which, as implied by the name, was more of a a mini cruise ship than a ferry. After a 1hr 20min... Continue Reading →


Aside from the iconic beautiful blue domed white-washed houses, Santorini was by far our least favorite island. While some of our most beautiful photos came from this island, the atmosphere itself felt more commercial and less authentic. And we loved the other islands so much that it is a tough comparison. Nevertheless, you simply cannot... Continue Reading →


Milos felt like a truly authentic Greek experience, and the four of us can agree that this island was our favorite. Milos, aka the “island of colors,” is known for its mining industry and all the different minerals that gives the rocks their orange, yellow, and green colors. Milos is horseshoe shaped and has three... Continue Reading →


So many islands, so little time! In August of 2017, my fiancee and I spent 11 days exploring Greece with two of our closest friends. Below, you will find an outline of our itinerary, a significant part of which I owe to my friends, C&D. The major islands we are visiting include... Milos Santorini Crete Athens  ... Continue Reading →

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