There aren’t a lot of designers who focus on health systems–it is not very alluring. There also aren’t many doctors working in design–there’s not much time for that in medical training. During the four years that I was a medical student, I put design behind me. It was something I always hoped to return to but never thought I could.

During my fourth year of medical school, I took a medical journalism elective in NYC where I met various renowned physicians and students with interests outside of medicine. One physician, after experiencing the outrageous hospital abuse of interns, wrote a very famous fiction novel parodying his experiences. He told me that he wrote satirical fiction because this could make people relate to reality and, in turn, this would incite change. Another physician, after realizing that medical misinformation is propagated partially due to the fact that retractions of scientific papers are not widely announced, co-founded a blog to increase transparency of the retraction process. When I stated that I haven’t been able to find people doing what I wanted to do, these mentors suggested that I start a blog myself. If I created it, they would come.

So here is a collection of design-related things sprinkled with my own commentary.