For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a health diet. I’m always looking for ways to optimize what I eat so I can optimize my mental and physical performance. My husband and I are getting into meal-prepping. Can I call this one of my hobbies?


You mean you don’t spend your Friday nights and Saturday mornings at the gym?! We moved away from Palo Alto and NYC partially to wean my Equinox addiction. For the few years after college, the only new friends I made were through Equinox. Substitute “Equinox” with “luxury gyms” and this may or may not still be the case when it comes to me and making new friends.


They say that you should do one thing for yourself every day. Does eating or working out count? JK, there is more to life than that. Like sleeping! That’s what I like to do for fun, and 10+ hours of sleep is the most fun. Sometimes, I have energy to do other things too…

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